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The Search Engine Optimization industry is an ever evolving animal. Through constant monitoring of the latest Search Engine updates and technology, Market Horizon is able to navigate to the forefront as an expert in the field. By implementing an all inclusive comprehensive campaign, we can grow search rankings organically and produce much longer sustained search traffic driven results… Read More


By allowing a forum for customers and clients to provide feedback, companies are able to harness the true potential of the Social Network. Real time media has proven increasingly valuable for any business’s online presence. Consumers of today are much more informed and impulsive to the brands they become loyal to. By allowing a glimpse into a business through online social campaigns, Market Horizon can grow your followers substantially… Read More


According to Google’s newest algorithm update, Hummingbird, sites that have a regular influx of new content, coupled with a combination of inbound links, bundled with local based ranking multiplied by testimonial reviews will get rewarded with higher rankings… Read More


With an increase ranking result based upon rankings and online testimonial reviews, a business’s reputation was never more relevant. The reputations of countless companies and individuals are at stake in today’s volatile online environment. One single review can make a big difference – positive or negative – in the way it is perceived. Let us manage that aspect and reach out to address all reviews, the good, the bad, and the ugly… Read More

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− ”Mike,

"Our website was dead in the water. We had one up, but it wasn’t anything that was able to generate the needed traffic for our frozen yogurt. Once I sat down with Market Horizon, they were able to help me understand why the website wasn’t doing well. They did a complete overhaul and optimize my website with the proper keywords, leading to a dramatic increase in visitors to our site and ultimately new customers."

− Mike Lee, Sweet Tart Frozen Yogurt

"Market Horizon was able to exceed my expectations from the very beginning. They have excellent customer service. The dedicated team that they provide is always available whenever I want something tweaked or changed. The best part of their service is how they allow me to track the websites activity through the reports that they generate. I am very satisfied with their service and have recommended them to my colleagues."

− Tien Bui, Pura D'or

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