Our all inclusive online marketing campaign was designed to supercharge your internet marketing strategy. By indentifying all the various aspects from a needs based perspective, we have been able to provide a comprehensive package that offers many benefits and solutions.
Listed below are the different phases to our Local Plus Mobile SEO Plan. From the very beginning, we are going to make sure that see just how we are going to approach your customized project.

1. Setup Phase

This step is crucial in how we approach your specific business model. We perform an online audit and focus our efforts toward maximizing your initial investment. By addressing the different research and analysis data, we will set the foundation for long lasting effectiveness.

  • Competitive Analysis
    We will review your website in relation to your competitors and see what areas can be improved upon so you can outperform your competitors online. We will look at every aspect of your competition; from their meta-descriptions, to link back and content development, and provide you with a report that will outline a plan of action to address these issues. Analysis completed in 2 – 5 business days from enrollment.
  • Online Directory Analysis
    We will identify any online listings that do not match your current information and update these directories to the best of our ability. There are many variables for this process however; it is a crucial component in the overall performance of your Online Marketing efforts. Price may very base on research full report will be provided.
  • Keyword Research
    After we speak with you to identify the primary areas of focus for your business we will begin the process of Keyword Research. We will look for the top keywords that directly relate to your business and service and determine the best method for development of your program. Analysis completed in 2 – 5 business days from enrollment.

2. Building Phase

What better way to allow new customers to visit, then by having a beautiful website to compliment your business. This construction portion of the marketing strategy is essential in capturing visits and allowing the search results to point in your direction. Our in house website design team is dedicated to their craft and always put their reputation on the line by providing the best work.

  • Website Design
    We will develop a 5-7 page website designed from one of 3 proprietary WordPress templates that will optimize your business for one city service area. These pages will include: Home, About Us, 3 Service / Product pages, Gallery Page up to 15 images and Map / Contact page. Will be completed 2 weeks from enrollment. This site can be hosted on our servers or your own if you already have a hosting package from one of our supported hosting and domain name providers.
  • Website Testing
    We will do extensive testing to ensure website is fully responsive and all the bugs are worked out.

3. SEO Phase

With all of the searches being done on the major search engines, sometimes all that is needed is a traffic controller. This is the approach on how we are able to manage keyword SEO. We have the utmost confidence on how to approach SEO with all of the latest bleeding edge techniques. Similar to fast moving technology, we pride ourselves in always being up to speed.

  • On-Page Keyword Optimization
    We will optimize your business for three primary services or products and develop up to 10 keywords around these focused services or products.
  • Off-Page Optimization
    On a weekly basis, we will be providing further optimization for these 10 keywords to make sure that you get the greatest exposure for your business. SEO is an ongoing process and this is one of the ways we help your business grow online.

4. Branding Phase

We all know that reputation is everything. Let us handle the bad rumors and stomp them out at the source. We understand that reviews and testimonials give more weight to the organic ranking of search engines. Does your business have a great personality? Let’s showcase it across all of the Social Media Networks. The more they talk about you, the more popular you will be… High School all over again…

  • Online Reputation Management
    We will manage your online reputation on directories such as:, Google +, Yelp, YP and many more. You will be notified immediately of any negative reviews and receive a monthly report on positive feedback. We have proven techniques to help you gain more reviews and grow your online presence.
  • Social Media Marketing
    We will be working for you on the most popular social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. We will assist you in setting up these pages and posting for you as well.

5. Support Phase

What’s the point if we end up leaving you at the altar? We are definitely in it for the long term relationship. Our business is built upon the retention and referral circle of life. We understand that needs and wants of just knowing someone will always be there. Every step of the way, you will be able to call on us whenever you need to, Pinky swear!

  • Monthly Promotion Management
    We will contact you once a month to update a special offer to make sure that budget conscious consumers find your business. You will be contacted by email 2 weeks before publish date to make sure we get a fresh promotion that is relevant to the business season. This is key to making sure your site is kept fresh and active. You provide the promotion and we will make sure that it is published in every relevant online resource.
  • Analytics Reporting
    We provide you with detailed reporting on a monthly basis that allows you to see the actual results of your online campaign. This reporting system is currently under development but reports will be emailed on a monthly basis and soon 24 hour access will be available. *some exceptions to sites that are not provided directly by Market Horizon.
  • Customer Support
    We will provide customer support in the form of email and phone calls. If there are any issues, we will be right here to help you resolve them.