Market Horizon is a web development firm based in Orange County, CA. The company was founded by individuals with over 20 years of Internet Marketing Experience. We have worked with just about every type of business across many industries. We have come to understand that businesses need a service beyond just another phone call promising the world. We have experienced the false promises and the disappointment that it brings.

Through those disappointments we developed a passion for the ever changing SEO industry and have seen the rise and fall of many methods for developing an online presence. Over the last five years, we have been fascinated with Mobile Plus Local optimization, especially with the growing adoption of smart phones and devices. Today we are proud to offer a valued service and not just another false promise of being #1 on the search engines.

We actually find it quite comical that any company is still promising Top Page Placement online. There is no way to determine how everyone is going to see a search result rendered when they are all personalized based on someone’s previous history. To put it simply when you are looking at different websites your computer saves your browsing history. The search engines will then show you more of what they think you want to see, while filtering out other results. To find out more about this click here. Market Horizon promises traffic because we can measure traffic and traffic equals potential clients.

We focus on keeping up to date with all the major search engines changes, social media outlets, and trends in marketing methods for online advertising. We understand that there are many components to running a successful business and Market Horizon is here to make sure you have a clearly focused online presence by tailoring a marketing campaign that fits your business. Market Horizon can assist with all aspects of your Internet Marketing campaigns. Some of the services that we provide are: P.P.C, Social Media Management, Reputation and Review management, Brand Development, Logo Design, Custom Ecommerce Sites, and Consultations on Current Sites, Detailed Site Reporting, Custom Content, and many more. In the end, if the promised services were actually being provided, the customer would be happy and the world would be content.