A eCommerce Project

Pura D’or wanted a fully customized ecommerce shopping website. Pura d’or Argan oil wanted to create an Organic hair and skin care line that would appeal to all of the organic conscious consumers. They figured out that it was not only profitable, but also the responsible way to do business.

Our Approach

With this type of an account, we wanted to focus on the product itself. The clean space is uncluttered with unnecessary hype and excessive imagery. By highlighting the actual products first, we give the website visitors a real first person perspective when shopping on this site. The layout is very user friendly, and the shopping transactions are very smooth and fully streamlined. This website model would serve the purposes of a client that does not have such an extensive selection of products, but still wants to start their online shopping site.

SEO Success


Responsive Web Design

By allowing images and many buttons to be clickable, the customer can point and choose their desired products. As a responsive web page, the shopping system is not confusing, like some other sites are. Keeping it simple and efficient was the right approach for this design.

User Interface Design

What you see is what you get. The organic skin and hair care industry is known for presenting all the fact in a straight forward fashion. The products are on display as you would see right in front of you. The only thing missing is the distinct scent of organic shampoo.

Shopper Experience Design

The latest shopping cart technology was implemented with this ecommerce site design. By securing a trusted merchant processing account, online shoppers can feel confident that their information is being protected every step of the way. Along with the usual Credit Card processing service, PayPal can also be utilized as a form of payment.

Product Optimization

Once the sight was live and functional, the real works began with the constant updating of products and additional optimization. Quickly accessing the products database allows for instantaneous updates to the website. Review sections and testimonials can be left inside the comments area for each product to quickly engage new customers based on word of mouth referrals.

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