About The Client

Sweet Tart frozen yogurt was formed with one goal in mind, to provide a fresh and healthy environment to the dessert community. Natural frozen yogurt isn’t just good, it’s also good for you. There are many choices out there to please your sweet tooth. At Sweet Tart we constantly have a unique blend of flavors to make sure we can satisfy all of your sophisticated palettes. Our self-serve style along with excellent attitude and friendly service, makes us the premier choice for your yogurt needs. That’s why we will do everything that we can to keep you coming back. Stop by and let us know what your favorite Sweet Tart treat is.

Our Approach

This client was going for a franchise styled establishment. In doing so, they spared no expense with the building of a business geared towards a playful atmosphere. The vivid colors gave a general base line of our design platform. We followed through with every detail and aspect down to the very last pixel. The end result has been increased traffic and sustained client retention.

Custom Logo Design

By implementing a fresh theme, we catered to the customer’s visual perspective. The logo design was a modern take on a classic favorite. Understanding the need to be identifiable through minimal efforts, we surpassed the client’s expectations with the perfect logo to suit their needs.

User Interface Site Design

By utilizing a very user intuitive template, the site was built for easy and efficient navigation. The categories and pages are laid out in an untraditional manner. This really allows a website visitor to “play” around with the features. Case studies have shown that with the advent of the mobile tablet touch screen platform, businesses are actually able to reach across and engage new customers.

Image Branding

By uploading photographs and posting relevant content to social media outlets, we have successfully implanted a business’s image across the internet. Through the alignment with the major online business directories, we are able to cross promote via all virtual mediums.

Mobile Compatibility

With the changing landscape of smart devices, we have adopted all of the powerful tools that are available at our fingertips. Directing traffic can now be done through integrated mapping applications. Tying all of these incredible resources, we are able to cover all facets of an online marketing campaign.

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